Yoga for Kids

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Why yoga for kids is beneficial?

  • Stress management: Unable to express themselves much, kids are a novice to stress, and it is the parent’s responsibility to help them manage the unsaid in a virtuous way with yoga.
  • Boosted concentration: Yoga for children being unbiased imparts the asset of attentiveness in plenty.
  • Teaches vital life lessons: Kids are rushed to outperform in every activity that they undertake. Yoga being non-competitive allows the kid to understand that it is okay to be okay.
  • Breaking free from digital world: Yoga for students is one way to keep kids away from electronics and reap the physical perks that are being missed on otherwise.
  • Foundation of good vigor: Good habits and values when learned at a young age remain infused in lifestyle forever. Childhood is a good time to teach your kids to resort to a healthy way of living.
  • Self-acceptance: Yoga lets kids be themselves for a while. It automatically makes the kids love their body and love themselves for what they are despite any inadequacy.

Why avail yoga for kids?

  • Understanding that the kids work with a robotic schedule, certified yoga tutors from Healers at Home are willing to drop by at your home and as per the time that is most feasible and laid-back for your kid to perform yoga with utmost ease.
  • The ultimate motive of performing yoga is to sync the body, mind and soul. At Healers at Home, we get you a step closer to the aim by bringing convenience and affordability at your doorstep.
  • Our yoga teachers have hands on experience and are friendly enough to make the kids feel comfortable in almost an instant, helping them connect them to the practice better.
  • We assess the kid’s health condition to fabricate a customized yoga plan if the need for the hour demands it.
  • As kids are prone to get bored easily, our yoga teachers are well-versed in fusing props and immaculate yoga styles to keep the sessions lively and fun-filled ensuring maximum attention from kids.
  • If you schedule a session for your kids, you might as well utilize it for your own benefit.

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Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

We only provide yoga at home.

Do you provide a free trial class?

Yes, Our first class is free of cost. Although, if you decide to continue with us, subsequent classes would be chargeable.

What is the duration of each session?

Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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