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How does yoga aid in diabetes control?

  • Stress is known to be an evident culprit for diabetes. With instigation of stress, follows a high level of glucagon secretion in the body thus leading to increased blood sugar levels. Yoga asanas for diabetes like pranayama, Shavasana, etc. regulate the breathing and aid in keeping tension at bay thus, in turn, coping with one of the triggers.
  • To keep the sugar levels under control, it is vital to keep the weighing scale on the left. Asanas in yoga for diabetes like Kapal Bhati pranayama, suryanamaskar, etc. work efficiently in serving the weight loss purpose.
  • Diabetes is bound to aggravate with other health maladies around. Yoga asanas like corpse pose, bridge pose, yoga nidra can prove to be an excellent barrier for influences like hypertension.
  • Diabetes obviously compels an individual to limit their sugar intake thus clouting cravings. On the regular performance of yoga asanas for diabetes, this hankering can be fended off.

Why avail at-home yoga for diabetes from Healers at Home?

  • Every yoga tutor from Healers at Home is a certified professional who is well-aware and elite of his obligations.
  • As no one size fits all, no specific plan of yoga for diabetes control will be suitable for every individual. Thus, our yoga trainers assess your health conditions first and formulate a customized plan later.
  • We alter our yoga for diabetes plans as we see you progressing towards recuperation.
  • Our service being rendered at home brings added altitudes of comfort, relaxation, and feasibility.
  • Our yoga services at home are very light on the pocketbook.

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Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

We only provide yoga at home.

Do you provide a free trial class?

Yes, Our first class is free of cost. Although, if you decide to continue with us, subsequent classes would be chargeable.

What is the duration of each session?

Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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