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How to control blood pressure with Yoga?

  • Yoga asanas for blood pressure: They focus on breathing consciously and deeply thus syncing body movements with it. This, in turn, provides respite from stress and indirectly acts as a backing to keep a tab on blood pressure.
  • Lack of rest or sound sleep: This contributes to high blood pressure. Asanas in yoga for high blood pressure regularize the quality and quantum of sleep.
  • Weight Check: Yoga for blood pressure acts positively in pushing weight towards the left-hand side of the scale, keeping tension at bay.
  • Asanas: Asanas involved in yoga for low blood pressure automatically boost the production of happy hormones in the body that hold potential to avert the propensity of low blood pressure attacks.

How can Yoga help control blood pressure?

  • Believing that a simple session of yoga for blood pressure can go a long way in alleviating its detriments. Healers at Home provides the same keeping convenience, cost-effectiveness and swiftness in mind.
  • For you to reap the highest level of gains from yoga for blood pressure; we cater to at-your-home certified yoga tutors, at the time that is most convenient for you and at prices that you would not mind paying!
  • These yoga tutors program a customized care plan depending on your health condition, intensity of malady and other complications if any.
  • Yoga for blood pressure might not be a substitute for medicine, but it is definitely a salubrious and effortless elucidation to control the disorder.

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Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

We only provide yoga at home.

Do you provide a free trial class?

Yes, Our first class is free of cost. Although, if you decide to continue with us, subsequent classes would be chargeable.

What is the duration of each session?

Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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