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What are the benefits of yoga exercises in daily life?

  • Develop strength: Yoga is one of the most fruitful ways to level up on strength wherein one’s body weight is used to build muscle. Depending on the level of potency building, one can choose power yoga, vinyasa or yin-yang yoga.
  • Improved overall health: As you learn to breathe deeper and bend harder blood flow shoots and promotes flushing out of toxins in the body. It is also an impeccable accelerator for weight loss and promotes good posture.
  • Upgraded concentration and focus: As the practice of yoga inevitably demands physical concentration to sync breathing and postures, the habit tends to reflect in routine as well.
  • Brings peace of mind: By implementing yoga exercises in your regimen, one can expect a calmer mind, composed thoughts, alleviated anxiety levels and unparalleled levels of positive energy.

Why avail at-home yoga from Healers at Home?

  • Our yoga teachers are qualified and have over four years of high-end experience in their niche. With the level of experience, they have gained over the years; they know how to address and tackle each problem with adeptness.
  • We offer yoga at home so that you do not find an excuse to miss a class. On booking, our yoga tutors drop by at a time that is most feasible for you so that you can manage your work, home, and fitness in the most efficient fashion.
  • As there are many forms of yoga and double the exercises available in each genre, our yoga tutors work closely with you to develop a plan that is best suited as per your goals that can range from weight loss to general fitness.
  • Acknowledging that you can be an amateur or a pro, we recommend, encourage and assist you with yoga asanas right through the course of the regime.

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Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

We only provide yoga at home.

Do you provide a free trial class?

Yes, Our first class is free of cost. Although, if you decide to continue with us, subsequent classes would be chargeable.

What is the duration of each session?

Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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