Paralysis Treatment

Relieve paralysis by healing
in the comfort of your home

Our Physiotherapists can help you in

Assessing your condition

Analyzing your pain points & medical reports by our physiotherapists.

Developing Treatment plan

Defining your physiotherapy healing plan as per the assessment.

Reviewing Periodically

Tracking your health and improving the treatment plan.

Sharing regular reports

Providing reports to you, your family and your doctor.

Educating You

Training you and your family on continued self care at home.

Encouraging Exercises

Assisting in training of regular exercises using techniques like electrotherapy and kinesio taping.

Causes of paralysis


Strokes form to be the inevitable road to paralysis. When a stroke occurs, there is a sudden loss of the functioning of the brain that potentially leads to paralysis.


Development of certain tumors in the brain or the spinal region can instigate paralysis even after removal is apt post-surgical care in the form of physiotherapy is not adopted.

Multiple sclerosis

There is a nuclear sheath in the body that regulates coordination and movement; which is protected by the mucilaginous sheath. When multiple sclerosis hits the body, it destructs the mucilaginous sheath thus putting a person at a risk of paralysis.

Cerebral palsy

Congenital or acquired cerebral palsy is bred when mutilation is done to the nerves that already compels that body to throw uncontrolled and sloppy movements. When it reaches an extreme stage, it can cause partial paralysis in the body.


Rigorous injuries or trauma that triggers internal bleeding or any tampering with the brain nerves involuntarily lays a foundation for paralysis.

Neurodegenerative maladies

Any other sickness that involves collapsing of the neurons in the brain such as spondolysis, herniated disc, or slipped disc can also be the origin of paralysis.

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Certified with Bachelor's/ Master's degree from the best universities with 4+ years of experience.

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Save the expenses and time spent on clinic visits and get a better care in the comfort of your home.

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What is physiotherapy?

From the young generation to the oldies, physiotherapy is required by everybody.

How qualified are your doctors?

Every doctor has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and minimum 4 years' experience.

Will the physiotherapist take visits on weekends?

Yes, our physiotherapists do take visits on weekends as per your convenient time.

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