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Joint Problems

Reduce the pain and inflammation arising from an injury of the joint or adjacent tissues, strain, sprain or arthritis and preserve joint function using our physical therapy treatment.

Neck Pain

Relieving pain or stiffness due to poor posture, injury from fall, jerk during exercising, or sitting/working/sleeping in an awkward position without much movement for long periods.


Whether it is due to an accident, heart attack or spinal cord injury resulting in loss of muscle function in part of the body, we help you recover faster without going to the physiotherapy centre.

When do you need at home Physiotherapy treatment in Noida?

  • You are experiencing stiffness or discomfort in muscles or joints.
  • You have had a muscle/tissue/joint injury prior and have been experiencing ache recently.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders such as Frozen shoulder, Bursitis, etc. and Neurological maladies such as Post-stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, etc.
  • Cardio-respiratory problems like Asthma, Bronchitis, etc. and Sports injuries like muscle strains and spasms.

Why pick Healers at Home for physiotherapy in Noida?

  • Knowledgeable panel from Healers at Home handpicks physiotherapists after a laborious quality check.
  •   Being veterans, competent and certified in providing physiotherapy treatment one can be assured of excellent aid.
  • We use cutting-edge equipment and strategies to make the process of aging and involuntary mutilations easy going.
  • Our physiotherapy treatment is cost-effective and facilitated at the timing you choose

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What is physiotherapy?

From the young generation to the oldies, physiotherapy is required by everybody.

How qualified are your doctors?

Every doctor has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and minimum 4 years' experience.

Will the physiotherapist take visits on weekends?

Yes, our physiotherapists do take visits on weekends as per your convenient time.

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