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By managing tremors in the body, impaired balance, regaining motor skills and postural stability which is affected due to a central nervous system disorder.

Post Operative Stiffness

Regain your strength and overcome stiffness after a surgery or an operation through mobilisation rehabilitation techniques by our in-home physiotherapists.

Speech Disorder

By dealing with articulation disorders, stuttering, and difficulties in pronunciation caused by neurological disorders, vocal cord paralysis, strokes, or physical impairments.

Who needs home Physiotherapy treatment in Greater Noida?

  • An individual who is a sufferer of chronic or fleeting back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder or any other musculoskeletal disorder.
  • Beings who remain in the same position for hours thus being a self-culprit for rigidness in the muscles and joints.
  • People who have been detected with severe neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, paralysis, Parkinson’s, vertebral column dilemmas etc.
  • Any bodily movement that is involuntary like floppy hands, tremors, etc.
  • A person who is or was a victim of sports injury like muscle spasm and strains.
  • The personages who want to recover from any post-surgery complexities aptly.

Why choose us for Physiotherapy treatment in Greater Noida?

  • We make sure that every person whether or not incapacitated to travel can avail physiotherapy at home.
  • Only A-grade physiotherapists in Greater Noida comprise the team of Healers at Home.
  • They are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced to draft an impeccable and personalized plan for expeditious refurbishment.
  • We offer paramount quality physiotherapy treatment at lowest market rates.
  • Our physiotherapy treatment guarantees boosted tractability, kinesis and rebuilt functionality of the muscles, tissues, and joints.
  • Our experts use latest equipment, technology and techniques to bring you closer to life in no time.

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What is physiotherapy?

From the young generation to the oldies, physiotherapy is required by everybody.

How qualified are your doctors?

Every doctor has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and minimum 4 years' experience.

Will the physiotherapist take visits on weekends?

Yes, our physiotherapists do take visits on weekends as per your convenient time.

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