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Back pain

By providing quick relief from pain due to muscle/ligament tear, strains and spasms caused by lifting heavy weights, any sudden twists, or poor posture.

Cerebral Palsy

By increasing muscle strength and encouraging physical development to improve muscle coordination, control, reflex and tone.

Frozen Shoulder

Whether it is due to an injury, overuse or a chronic health condition such as diabetes or stroke, our physiotherapists will help regain full range of movement in your shoulder.

Why do you need at home Physiotherapy in Faridabad?

  • Availing physiotherapy at home can meet the purpose of health refurbishment minus the moving.
  • The results of a Physiotherapy treatment reflect best when performed at home as it is executed keeping in mind the insights of the receiver.
  • Physiotherapy treatment at home can be used to treat countless conditions like back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, cerebral palsy etc.
  • A physiotherapy treatment in the clinic is far expensive than the one at house as outlays like travel, hospitalization etc. are dodged.

How to avail Physiotherapy treatment in Faridabad?

  • Once you schedule a slot with Physiotherapists from Healers at Home, they head in at your place to assess the condition of the casualty and spring to action immediately.
  • These Physiotherapists then concoct a plan that is best suited for the patient and in line with their goal of flexibility, mobility or regaining functionality.
  • The treatment plan is executed with a diverse range of both manual therapies and physical exercises assuring expeditious retrieval in minimum time.
  • Always remember that health is the only enduring asset that you have. Give it the necessary pampering it deserves!!

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What is physiotherapy?

From the young generation to the oldies, physiotherapy is required by everybody.

How qualified are your doctors?

Every doctor has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and minimum 4 years' experience.

Will the physiotherapist take visits on weekends?

Yes, our physiotherapists do take visits on weekends as per your convenient time.

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