Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Relieve your back pain by healing
in the comfort of your home

Our Physiotherapists can help you in

Assessing your condition

Analyzing your pain points & medical reports by our physiotherapists.

Developing Treatment plan

Defining your physiotherapy healing plan as per the assessment.

Reviewing Periodically

Tracking your health and improving the treatment plan.

Sharing regular reports

Providing reports to you, your family and your doctor.

Educating You

Training you and your family on continued self care at home.

Encouraging Exercises

Assisting in training of regular exercises using techniques like electrotherapy and kinesio taping.

Common causes of back pain


Muscles and ligaments holds the bones of the vertebral column in place. Muscles can be strained on lifting heavy weights, sudden body jerks, poor body posture or physical exertion.


Weighing overly on the right side of the scale puts immense pressure on the spine and imposes a striking lower back pain.

Physical Ailments

If you are susceptible to or are already suffering from physical health disorders like arthritis, slippeddisc, sciatica, bulging disc, osteoporosis or ruptured discs, spondylolisthesis; back pain is a complementary complaint that will follow.


Like unused equipment gets out of order, when you have minimal body movement, the spinal cord goes for a toss. Also, poor body posture caused by sitting wrongly for hours, unfriendly mattresses, etc. can trigger lower back pain.


Pregnant women are predisposed to back pain due to hormonal alterations and the obvious weight gain that baby brings. Back pain therapy paired with prenatal precautions is the best way to divest the ache.

Way of living

Not many are known to the piece of information that sleeping on your belly being the most comfortable position is the biggest culprit for backache. Other lifestyle habits like smoking, stressed regime and being a fashion slave are unknown felons in back pain.

Healers at Home advantage

Personalized Care

You are guaranteed to receive the special personalized treatment from our expert healers.

Verified Healers

Certified with Bachelor's/ Master's degree from the best universities with 4+ years of experience.

Affordable Services

Save the expenses and time spent on clinic visits and get a better care in the comfort of your home.

Convenient Process

Book appointments over web or call at your preferred time and place with easy payment options.

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What is physiotherapy?

From the young generation to the oldies, physiotherapy is required by everybody.

How qualified are your doctors?

Every doctor has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and minimum 4 years' experience.

Will the physiotherapist take visits on weekends?

Yes, our physiotherapists do take visits on weekends as per your convenient time.

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