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How to avail Home Nursing services in Noida?

  • Book a nurse from us at Healers at Home.
  • Stay assured as only certified and skilled nurses with a prior experience in pitching nursing services are sent at your place at the time and duration you choose.
  • Acknowledging that the span of attention cannot be determined, our nurses at home offer 12 and 24 hour home nursing services in Noida.
  • Our nurses work day in and day out to make the lives of patients and their dependents as hassle free as possible, incorporating pertinent recuperation plans.

What does our Nursing Care service in Noida include?

  • Monitoring vital signs, ECG recording, sample collection, catheterizations, enema, etc.
  • Providing supreme care from bed-sores, efficient fluid management, nutrition care and medication.
  • Performing wound dressing, stitch removal, etc. as required in cases of diabetic, vascular or septic injuries.
  • Pulmonary nursing care service:
  • Administering each and every errand involving CPAP management, nebulization or oxygen administration.

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What kind of care do nurses at Healers at Home provide?

Our certified nurses facilitate post-surgery recovery and provide intimate care for all chronic illnesses.

What are the things that your nurses do?

They perform Vaccination, Tracheostomy, Wound care, Injections, urinary catheterization etc.

How qualified are nurses from Healers at Home?

All the nurses are qualified with at least a diploma in GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) with minimum 3 years of experience and have previously handled critical care.

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