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How to avail home Nursing services in New Delhi?

  • Healers at Home Nursing services in Delhi provide hospital-like care at home minus the hefty outlay.
  • Certified nurses with over four years of experience head to the location where the service is to be delivered.
  • They assess the condition of the patient to draft a plan that is in line with the doctor’s directives.
  • As they are highly qualified, they inform both your doctors and family in case of any discrepancies with health refurbishment.
  • It is advisable to opt for Nursing care services as it lets you share the responsibility of taking care of your dependents without having the stress of coping with complications.

What does home Nursing care service in New Delhi include?

  • Responsibile for monitoring vital signs, food pipe insertions, catheterizations, enema, and dialysis at home etc.
  • Getting IV antibiotic therapy and nebulization available for timely recovery.
  • Looking after processes like hydration therapy, Ryles tube insertion, and IV fluid management.
  • Taking care of duties like wound dressing, stitch removal, bed sores, post-operative wounds for A-grade restoration.
  • Obliging to all responsibilities revolving around colostomy care, parental nutrition, antibiotic infusion etc.

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What kind of care do nurses at Healers at Home provide?

Our certified nurses facilitate post-surgery recovery and provide intimate care for all chronic illnesses.

What are the things that your nurses do?

They perform Vaccination, Tracheostomy, Wound care, Injections, urinary catheterization etc.

How qualified are nurses from Healers at Home?

All the nurses are qualified with at least a diploma in GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) with minimum 3 years of experience and have previously handled critical care.

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