Mother & Child Care Services

Get a comprehensive care and support for the
mother and her new born baby

Prenatal Consultancy

Assessing the condition to avoid any complications during the prenatal stage and address the physical and emotional needs through our new mother care services.


Prenatal Yoga for mother

Brings stability in the body by calming the nervous system and increasing strength of muscles through yoga to nurture your baby in a healthy environment.


Nutrition Planning

Planning, implementing and monitoring the diet so that it has all the nutrients essential to keep you and your baby healthy and fit as part of our mother and child care program.


Postpartum Care

Helping you quickly recover by checking that your body goes through correct changes and avoid complication by providing essential baby care services.


Post-Natal yoga

Rebuilding flexibility, muscles tone and help you overcome mental stress to help you recover to the healthiest.


Childbirth Consultation

Planning for the upcoming delivery, preparing for infant care and motherhood according to personal needs or preferences as part of our baby care services.

We Heal

New Born Baby Care

Motherhood happens to be a difficult phase for mother as it is an emotionally and physically exhausting journey. It is nearly impossible for a newbie mother to understand her obligation and home infant care services can bring some relief.

Breastfeeding Care

A woman goes through countless transformations in the pre and post pregnancy stage. It is, therefore, necessary to take appropriate steps like pediatric therapy so that both the child and the mother can be nurtured into the best of their health.

Babysitting Services

Motherhood is a beautiful phase but comes with hitches that make routine life too difficult to handle. But availing nanny care services do not only evacuate these hurdles but comes with an extensive range of advantages.

Healers at Home Advantage

Personalized Care

You are guaranteed to receive the special personalized treatment from our expert healers.

Healers are verified

Certified with Bachelor's/ Master's degree from the best universities with 4+ years of experience.

Affordable Services

Save the expenses and time spent on clinic visits and get a better care in the comfort of your home.

Convenient Process

Book appointments over web or call at your preferred time and place with easy payment options.

Our Healers

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What are the different packages you offer?

We offer three different packages for mother and child care from which you can easily choose by clicking here.

Can I opt for any service individually without taking the package?

We believe in giving the best care to you and have designed the package very carefully so that you get the proper care needed.

What services do you provide under mother and child care?

We provide a complete care for the mother and the baby right from the pre-natal and childbirth consultation, facilitating pre-natal yoga for the mother, nutrition planning, postpartum care, post-natal yoga and other related services.

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Our Mother and Child Care Packages

Our at-home Jaapa Maid/Baby Care/ Nanny Care/ Mother & Child Care are well trained in providing care services such as mother and baby massage, baby take care, diaper change, feeding, hygiene of baby, post-natal exercise, diet plan for mother & etc. Our healers are well trained and their backgrounds are checked, and we also assign in such a way that they speak the language you are comfortable.

Visits Price
Daily 12 Hrs 800 Rupees
Daily 24 Hrs 1000 Rupees