Corporate Yoga at Gurugram

Prepare for a healthy life by bringing
yoga to office

Why should you resort to Corporate Yoga in Gurgaon?

  • Inculcating Corporate Yoga at workplaces allows employees to stay relaxed and lay their mind off the pervasive worry.
  • Once employees are at ease, they can focus better crucial matters. Better focus = Better productivity!
  • Workplaces indulging in serious activities like trading and finances make employees stay on their toes. Incorporating Corporate Yoga can add a fun flavor to the dull environment.
  • For employers, Corporate Yoga is a worthwhile deal. Employees are found to stay fit, and they can save a fortune on healthcare outlays and Corporate Yoga can break the ice between top management position holders

Why choose us for Corporate Yoga classes in Gurgaon?

  • Reliable and effectual is why we say you can trust Healers at Home blindly for Corporate Yoga in Gurgaon.
  • Our yoga tutors are specialists in their roles and know how to reap utmost perks from corporate yoga sessions.
  • Whether you have a private outdoor area or the smallest of working spaces, our yoga tutors have exercises for every zone. Hence no worries!
  • We work closely with both the employers and employees to figure out the core agonies. Based on the analysis, we curate a tailored corporate yoga strategy for each entity to eventually sync their mental, physical and emotional conditions in line with the venture’s goals.

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How many times per week should we practice yoga for corporate wellness?

We recommend at least 2 sessions in a week for the first month. Depending upon the response, we advise you to modify the frequency of the weekly sessions.

Are there any guidelines that employees should follow?

Yoga involves a bit of twists and bends. Stay light in stomach. If you do feel hungry 30 minutes before your session, we recommend you to eat something light, such as fruits or yoghurt.

Where can the employees perform yoga?

We only provide yoga for corporates at their workplace or wherever it is feasible for them. Some asanas can be performed sedentarily.

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