Corporate Yoga at Ghaziabad

Prepare for a healthy life by bringing
yoga to office

Why invest in Corporate Yoga classes in Ghaziabad?

  • Stress cannot be evacuated from the lives of employees but you can definitely aid them to keep the pressure at bay by incorporating Corporate Yoga at office.
  • Stooped down frustration levels can guarantee boost in productivity.
  • Yoga is known to weave magic on the vigor of individuals and thus the entities can save a decent amount on health care costs.
  • Employees can experience amplified concentration and ability to focus.
  • Corporate Yoga succors in breaking the ice between the top level and lower level employees thus facilitating a good chain of communication.

Why choose us for Corporate Yoga in Ghaziabad?

  • Being peerless providers of Corporate Yoga classes in Ghaziabad, the expert faculty from Healers at Home chooses superlative Yoga tutors specializing in rendering Corporate Yoga.
  • These tutors drop in the desired work place to closely examine parameters like health conditions, level of strain and the space available to perform Yoga.
  • On successful assessment, these tutors devise a customized plan for each employee and workplace.
  • Corporate Yoga is highly time and cost effective.
  • We can fabricate Corporate Yoga care plans for even the most brimful workplaces.

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How many times per week should we practice yoga for corporate wellness?

We recommend at least 2 sessions in a week for the first month. Depending upon the response, we advise you to modify the frequency of the weekly sessions.

Are there any guidelines that employees should follow?

Yoga involves a bit of twists and bends. Stay light in stomach. If you do feel hungry 30 minutes before your session, we recommend you to eat something light, such as fruits or yoghurt.

Where can the employees perform yoga?

We only provide yoga for corporates at their workplace or wherever it is feasible for them. Some asanas can be performed sedentarily.

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