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Your Monsoon Guide – Dos and Don’ts


Monsoon is a beautiful season adding freshness and calmness after loads of scorching heat. This season is soothing but can mark a starting point for many diseases because of high humidity content. Monsoon marks the increased moisture content and aggravates the suitable conditions for germs to bloom.

According to medical experts, simple measures could be taken to avoid getting in contact with microbes that spread communicable diseases this season. Modes of contact could be water, clothes, food or even touch.

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The kids and elderly people are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the monsoon season. The probability of getting infected from water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, viral fever, gastrointestinal infections, and dysentery is very high during the rainy season. Respiratory infections, cold, and flu are prominent during this season and can cause serious infection especially in people with weak immunity.

Prevention is better that cure. We, at Healers at Home, value health of our reader so we have a checklist of simple dos and don’ts to protect you from diseases that can disturb the amusement of this season –

  • Dos

  1. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy – Make sure you are feeding your body with good amounts of nutrients by taking proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals.
  2. Dry when wet – Whenever rain strikes you waiting at a bus stop or while travelling, make sure you have a shower straight after coming home and slip into dry fresh clothes to prevent any kind of germ stay on your body.
  3. Happy Feet – Many skin diseases are borne out of humidity and moist conditions so make sure you keep your feet dry and clean. Avoid any kind of contact with moisture.
  4. Germ free home – Keep your surroundings clean and pest free. Get pest control in your surrounding areas and keep cleanliness of home at priority.
  • Don’ts

  1. Avoid getting wet – Although the season is tempting after long hot days, avoid dripping wet in rains to avoid a breeding space for various germs on your body.
  2. Mosquito Attack – The major microbe carrier is mosquito so avoid any mosquito breeding places around you. Keep all the drains covered and avoid stagnant or standing water.
  3. Street Food is NO – Avoid any kind of street food munching this season because the food is one good mode of contact between your body and disease causing germs.
  4. No dirty clothes – Avoid any kind of reuse of dirty clothes. Put yourself in clean clothes everyday and disinfect the rain dripped clothes while washing to avoid germ attack.

Saving yourself from diseases this season is important for you can enjoy this beautiful season with cup of ‘chai’ feeling ecstatic. Stay safe and enjoy.

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