Can Yoga Replace Weight Training- Which one is better for You ?

With luring gym memberships, girls in their hottest attires and a muscular body to let people drool over you are a few of the most common reasons gym and weight training is chosen over yoga. Like one size doesn’t fit all, all the different types of training available in the arcade do not suit all. Today, let’s ponder if yoga can replace weight training and which physical activity you should actually opt for.

  • Understand your body:

Not everybody is capable and resilient enough to take the heavy weights. People with chronic back aches and other ailments can perform weight training only under supervision from the pros as one mistake can render you to be dependent for life.

  • Determine your targets:

Once you know how buoyant your body is, you can set goals for yourself. Goals can be muscle toning, improving overall flexibility etc. Depending upon your goal, you can choose what sounds pertinent to you.

  • Be prepared:

If you have ever observed, weight lifting or cardio sessions in the gym turn out to be boring after a point of time. This monotonous regime leaves you with no motivation and this is where you start skipping gym days.

Yoga on the other hand is adaptable. It has innumerable poses and asanas depending on your mood and time. Want to take a nap while you relax yourself? Go for Shravasana. Feel like you want to rush for work and have minimal time for workout? Surya Namaskar is the key! If versatility was a competition, yoga is bound to be the hands down winner.

  • Contemplate the perks:

If you mull over the benefits that a session of yoga and weight training can derive, yoga beats weight training without a doubt. Yoga is comprehensive. It augments both mental and physical health. Yoga can be performed by any individual of any age with any complex ailments unlike weight training. With yoga instructors at home, you can accomplish your goals at the snug ambiance of your abode while weight training mandates you to dread to the gym. A shootout to the lazy people out there, who desire to work out but without much inconvenience.

Still confused? When you procrastinate, it is always a smarter choice to choose both the options rather than dreading over the missed opportunity. Weight lifting improves endurance while yoga can work on your serenity and flexibility. Weight lifting paired with yoga is like a Kajol-SRK Bollywood movie; an unbelievably good combination and bound to be a hit!

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