Yoga is a way to cleanse your body! Here are 5 tips to keep in mind

We as humans tend to underestimate the value of the most beautiful things in life like yoga. Other than the physical perks, yoga for beginners is impeccable in assisting you to achieve your inner peace. When we hear yoga, all we can think of is letting go off our precious sleep. Times have changed; now convenience and health walk hand in hand. As a privileged member of the modern world, have an option to learn and grow in the environment you are familiar with: Your home! Innumerable benefits + accessibility now makes yoga something that you cannot afford to miss right? Below listed are a few tips on yoga for beginners to have a bump-free start:

  • Define your goals:

While some desire to tone up or improve their flexibility; some want to catch up their long lost fitness. Be definite so that you can choose yoga asanas accordingly. For example, pregnancy yoga poses are highly intricate and require attention to detail as compared to others. Our article, Top 8 Yoga postures for pregnant women will certainly be a guiding light for you.

  • Go slow:

Like Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe has conveyed in the movie 3 idiots, “Life is a race. If you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken egg” Following this ideology like a sheep in the herd, we blindly want to endeavor activities at its fastest, even yoga for that matter. On the contrary, slower yoga forms enhances your suppleness, gushes out toxins, strengthens your systems and thus eventually helps you in achieving your goals of weight loss. In reality, though life is a race, go slow if you want to win!

  • Know your limits:

Only because your friend is able to do fancy back slip, does not mean that you can do it too. Everybody is different. No saying that you can never learn it but patience and practice is the key to expertise! Do not force or you might end up harming yourself.

  • Add some fun:

Yoga for beginners can definitely turn out to be monotonous after a while if you belong to the fun-loving category. You can always add props like lumbar straps or blocks, for better convenience and exuberance. Props are like a stick to the elderly in the case of yoga for beginners.

  • Right yoga teacher:

Imagine if you were a kid and you had no tutor to teach you, would you ever learn the alphabets? Similarly, yoga for beginners is incomplete without assistance from the right yoga teachers. Touch base with us at where our expert tutors head in at your preferred time and space to guide you on the serene pursuit of happiness!

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