Yoga Poses to Practice with Your Partner

Partner yoga combines the benefits of yoga, uniting individuals through development, play, breath, touch and closeness. Stances and stream successions are composed in a magnificent approach to make and sustain trust, reinforce correspondence and make a feeling of laughter and lightheartedness.


            Partner breathing


  • Start in a situated position with legs crossed at the lower legs or shins, with your backs leaning against each other.
  • Rest hands on thighs or knees and enable yourself to feel and interface with your accomplice.
  • Begin to see how the breath feels as you breathe in and breathe out; particularly see how the back of the rib confine feels against your partner’s.
  • Begin to “breath exchange” with your accomplice, so as you breathe in, he breathes out; as he breathes in, you breathe out. Practice for three to five minutes.

This is a delicate approach to associate with your accomplice, helps open the heart and is a simple approach to interface with your breath.

            Partner twist


  • Enable yourself to feel and interface with your accomplice, resting your hands on the thighs.
  • Inhale and achieve arms overhead, stretching the spine as you reach up.
  • Exhale and curve to one side, conveying your correct hand to within your accomplice’s left knee and your left hand to the outside of your correct knee/thigh. Your accomplice should reflect the development.
  • Hold for three to five breaths, at that point breathe out, untwist and rehash on the contrary side.

Turns help purify the body and aid the detoxifying procedure.This classifies as one of the best Yoga for Health poses. This is likewise a fun approach to start fun loving nature with your accomplice.

            Temple pose


  • Start by confronting each other in a standing position.
  • Step feet under hips, at that point breathe in, stretch out arms overhead and start to pivot forward at the hips until the point that you meet hands with your accomplice.
  • Slowly start to forward overlay, bringing elbows, lower arms and hands so they lean against each other.
  • Rest break even with weight against each other and discharge chest and stomach toward the floor.
  • Hold for five to seven breaths, at that point gradually stroll toward each other, bringing middle upright and discharge arms down.
            Twin trees


  • Standing a couple of feet separated, carry palms toward each other with the arms in a T shape, or draw the elbows and palms together in a prickly plant shape.
  • Begin to move weight onto your correct foot and have your accomplice move weight onto their left foot.
  • Draw the contrary leg into tree posture by bowing the knee and conveying foot to the lower leg, calf or inward thigh of the standing leg.
  • Balance for five to seven breaths, at that point discharge and pivot to confront the other way and rehash on the contrary side.

Equalization postures empower center, and this particular stance welcomes energetic concentration while being a delicate hip opener.

            Partner forward-fold


  • From a situated position confronting each other, stretch out legs out to a wide V-shape with kneecaps confronting straight up and bottoms of the feet touching.
  • Extend arms toward each other, holding inverse palm to lower arm.
  • Inhale and stretch up through the spine.
  • Exhale, as one individual creases forward from the hips and your accomplice sits back, keeping the spine and arms straight.
  • As you unwind into the posture, enable yourself to mollify into it. Remain in the posture for five to seven breaths.
  • To leave the posture, discharge each other’s arms and bring middles upright. Rehash the other way, bringing your accomplice into the forward overlap.
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