Yoga Poses To Keep You Warm This Winter

Unable to sleep on time in the night and get up in the morning is the story of every individual’s life. But winters is a special time when irrespective of the time one sleeps at; thanks to the super cozy weather, getting up early in the morning is dreaded. But if you want to support your mind and body to move you immaculately through the coldest season of the year, yoga exercises are indispensable. Hitting the mat is the wisest decision you will make especially if you are a victim of chronic joint aches, conditions like arthritis, sinusitis, asthma, etc. Understanding that hitting the yoga mat can be a task during winters, here are three easy yoga poses to keep you warm and vigorous during winters.

1. Bhujangasana:

As joints are generally stiff, warming up with 10-15 Surya namaskars before you jump on asanas is recommended for yoga in winters. Lie down flat on your chest with legs spread apart from each other and palms rested below your shoulder. Now, inhale as you push your body up in a way that your back is arched. Do not put pressure on your wrist as you do this. Hold the arch for 3-5 seconds and exhale as you come back to your original position.

How does this help: 

Tones abdomen, shoots blood circulation, strengthens lower and upper back.1

2. Trikonasana:

Stand with your legs apart from each other at shoulder distance. Now endeavor to touch the ground if you can or reach to the calves of your left foot with your left hand and similarly with your right counterparts in a way that the pose resembles a triangle. You have to exhale every time you bend down.

How does this help:

Enhances overall digestion process, keeps the winter blues at bay, and alleviates anxiety, back, and sciatica pain.2

3. Dhanurasana:

Lie down straight on your chest with your palms placed upside down and legs at a slight distance. While you breathe deeply, raise your arms backward and uplift your lower body in a way that you are able to clasp your ankles with your hands. Stay still in the position for about 2-3 breaths and regain your form as you breathe the worries out.

How does this help:

Relaxes muscles soreness and pain especially the one that resides in the arms and legs, eases menstrual ache and constipation.3

In such a scenario where snooze becomes everyone’s best friend, and the bed becomes the hardest goodbye, exercising or performing yoga in winters is only fictional. As annoying as this practice sounds; in reality, performing yoga in winters is one of the most competent ways to stay hale and hearty throughout the year.

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