Yoga Poses for Arthritis Patients

Almost all of us above the age group of 30 years old have come across people or have suffered ourselves from Joint pain or other forms of Arthritis. The cartilage and joint breakdown can cause severe pain in everyday movement which further amplifies with time. Cartilage is the spongy tissues that joins two bones and acts as a cushion between the joints.

Practicing Yoga is a great way to strengthen your joint muscle that would prevent further degeneration as well as prevent any future potential damage or ailments. There are a lot of light movements and stretches involved with Yoga poses that always mitigates and in some case even eliminated back inflammation. However in case a Yoga pose is hurting you, it may not be right for you. Therefore it is important that in cases of Arthritis, you select the right Yoga pose.

So let us take a look at some of the Yoga Poses that are right for you in case you are suffering from Arthritis.

  1. Sun Salutation

Always a popular Yoga Pose, Sun Salutation comprises of 12 steps and is highly calming and relaxing that involves light stretching and bending along with subtle breathing exercises. The benefit of Sun Salutation is the enhancement in flexibility and strengthening of the spine.


surya namaskar2

  1. Child’s Pose

Another effective Yoga Pose that improves flexibility and makes your spine and hip flexors compact is the Child’s Pose. This poses involves gentle stretching of the lower back with the person going down on his knees, spreading them wide with toes positioned close to each other. Hips have to be placed on your feet following by arms stretching forward onto the ground.


  1. Cow Pose

This is another pose where the spine is stretched thus enhancing the back muscles along with improving flexibility. This pose is pretty simple that requires you to be on all fours with your hands being shoulder width apart while your knees should be of hips width. Move your chest forward and point it towards the ceiling whereas your pelvis should be pointing up.


  1. Supine Twisting

Subtle twisting of the body is always beneficial if directed and executed in the right manner. Supine Twisting is something that helps in accomplishing exactly that. The Supine Twisting pose requires you to lie on your back and push your knees towards your chest with your arms wrapped around your legs almost like giving it a hug. Now place your hands into a T position and move the bent knees in the right direction with your face turned in the same direction as well. Now gently bring the knees in the centre and repeat the same for the left side.



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