Yoga For Shape – Bring Your Summer Body Back

Areas like the thighs, hips, and waist are common targets for fat accumulation. Yoga for shape techniques and poses specifically focusses on these areas enable one to lose fat in those areas and get them in shape.

Solutions like selective diet and massage gels can only get one so far. As the adage goes, there is no substitute to exercise. Yoga exercises provide one with the added convenience of performing them from the comfort of one’s home as opposed to heading to the running tracks or to the gym to get the body in shape.

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When done right, the following exercises do a highly effective job of getting one’s waist, thighs, and hips in shape.

1. Seated meditation pose

Seated Meditation Pose by Healers at Home

The seated meditation pose soothes your internal organs and eases your lower back. This pose is good to tone your belly which boosts your confidence.


2. Downward dog pose

Donward dog asana for shape

The downward dog pose is amazing for office-goers who require a proper neck and back stretch after sitting for long hours. This pose tones your legs, unlike any other asana.


3. Plank pose

Plank for yoga for shape

This pose is amazing for your hips and abs. The asana stretches the abdominals and fixes your hips and tones your belly.


4. Cobra

Cobra pose for shape

It strengthens your shoulders and chest and it is a crucial pose to get in shape for all those with excess chest fat deposits.


5. Pigeon

Pigeon yoga pose for shape

It is the ultimate exercise for the glutes and works amazingly well for the flexibility and reduces stress in the inner thighs.

6. Warrior

Warrior pose

It strengthens the arms, shoulders and lower back. This asana is great to increase the stamina and overall balance of the body.


The above poses have been recommended by the top yoga instructors at Healers at Home. Practice them thrice a week for 4 months to notice a significant change in your body.

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