Yoga for Kids

While yoga asanas are meant to build strength,flexibility and confidence, they interestingly  bear a striking similarity to a child’s natural postures. Indeed, all of us are born with these postures and movements as an inextricable part of our body language and adults have as much to learn from children about yoga as children do from adults.

The most important feature is that yoga, when taught to kids, teaches them plenty that they can use in their daily life.


  • It teaches kids how to take care of their bodies.
  • It teaches kids about balance
  • It teaches us how to use our energy in the most efficient of ways
  • It teaches us the best ways to breathe
  • It teaches us to keep our minds calm




Yoga poses designed for kids are meant to be exciting and allow the kids to be themselves and as expressive as possible, instead of conforming to rigid styles or poses. Having said that, some of the most creative poses that kids can be encouraged to do include:


  1. The snake pose
  2. The fish pose
  3. The frog pose
  4. The airplane pose
  5. The butterfly pose
  6. The gorilla pose


Most of all, these poses teach kids to have fun while they do yoga, inculcating in them a habit that they will hopefully retain for years to come.


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