Yoga For Happiness

Yoga For Happiness

A lot of people design their lives around what their goal is and what they want to achieve. However a lot of us mistake our objectives with what really is and should be our goal. Our ultimate goal in life is to be happy and whether it is earning money, being rich, buying materialistic stuff, achieving success, love, making our parents proud, making sacrifice, compromising etc is all, at the end of the day, is for being happy. Unfortunately, many people are able to get success and buy stuff or even fall in love but happiness eludes them simply because they are not healthy mentally or physically which may or may not be because they have not been able to devote that time to themselves.

Yoga has always been associated with peace and happiness for generations while studies have also shown a strong correlation between Yoga and a healthy state of mind. So let us take a look at the most popular Yoga poses that disperses positive energy and boost your happiness.

  1. Cat and Cow Pose

The Cat and Cow pose is commonly associated with mental peace as it calms the constant flux of the mind thus making sure that your nervous system settles down. The Cat and Cow pose brings in positive flow of energy by simple gentle movements of the body.


cat and cow

  1. Sun Salutation Pose

The Sun Salutation or the Suryanamskar is one of the most popular and one of the easiest Yoga poses that is highly effective in keeping you healthy while boosting the overall positive energy of the body. Sun salutation comprises of 12 postures that should be practiced during sunrise.


surya namaskar2

  1. Camel Pose

Also known as Ustrasana, the Camel Pose is a very effective Yoga pose for countering anxiety. This particular Yoga Pose requires you to backbend which empowers your by instilling fearlessness. The pose requires you to open up your heart and softer part of your underbelly without putting your body at too much risk.


  1. Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose is another empowering Yoga position that provides a blissful environment within. Here one has to stand with feet one leg’s distance apart. Rotate the heels in the inside direction whereas toes towards the outside. This would be followed by bending your knees in addition to your pelvis bending as well in a neutral position.


  1. Warrior II Pose

Bring out your inner warrior through this Warrior II Yoga Pose. This Yoga position can mitigate stress, anxiety and even spinal dysfunction. The Warrior II Pose requires you to relax your lower back that enhances and strengthens your back muscles.





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