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Yoga For Happiness- 3 Instant Mood Boosting Yoga Poses

Life would have been easy if we had control over our emotions and thoughts right? Well, nobody has the power to manipulate an unwanted situation, but one can surely undo the damage. How? With yoga exercises ! Below listed are tried and test yoga exercises that assure instant mood uplift:

  1.    Child’s pose:

Have you ever seen a child frown on colossal matters? No, because unlike adults, their mind is restful and incapable of emphasizing on irrelevant matters. This pose recreates the child-like tranquility in the practitioner’s mind and releases endorphins that block grief signals to the brain.

  •    Sit on your mat in a way that your buttocks rest on your heels.
  •    Now inhale as you raise your hands in the air.
  •    Exhale as you bend down. Try to touch your forehead on the ground.
  •    Hold the post for 3-5 breaths and come back to your original position.

  1.    Forward bend pose:

This pose literally compels your mind and body to kick out apprehension with every bend. Just like the name of the yoga pose says, forward bend pose aims to motivate individuals to move past their predicaments.

  •    Stand straight with your feet slightly apart.
  •    Inhale and sweep your hands in the air.
  •    As you exhale, bend down from your hips and try to touch you the ground with your palms. Bend as much as you can; if you are able to touch your forehead on your knee, pat yourself because you are highly flexible!
  •    Hold the state for at least 10 seconds before you slowly rise up.
  •    While unwinding the position, make sure you curl up yourself steadily.

  1.    Tree Pose:

This pose demands high levels of concentration. As the mind has to occupy itself with the optimal degree of application, your attention will automatically be diverted, and you will be able to keep your troubles at bay at least for a while. Alternatively, the deep breathing technique will aid you to be in the moment and get a rational perspective towards things.

  •    Stand tall with your feet placed at a hip distance.
  •    Now shift your entire body weight on the right foot, and you bend your left foot in a way that its heel touches the inner thigh of the right foot.
  •    Fold your hands in a ‘Namaste.’
  •    Close your eyes and balance your body on the left foot for an extensive duration.
  •    Breathe deeply and slowly.

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