Yoga for Beginners 9 Types of Yoga to Try

After promising every time to get up early in the morning and start the “healthy” routine, you end up watching another episode of your favorite TV series at night and promise yourself again the next day! Yoga in spite of clear showcase of its benefits has been under-rated. Yoga is not like a dress that fits every one. According to you age and interest, you can choose the type of yoga that will keep you motivated enough to perform it every day. Yoga should be enjoyable and relaxing but not a compulsion because what you do half-heatedly will reap no results. Here are a few types of yoga that you can perform when you are a newbie to yoga:


Hatha is about learning basics with slower movements that requires holding each yoga asana for few breaths. This helps the body to adapt and learn to the new postures well while balancing the energy.



This type of yoga is especially meant for people who love to groove. Vinyasa is a dynamic practice to match the transition in asanas in line with the heart rate. The yoga asanas will be performed and changed quickly along with pumped music to match beats to the sequence of poses.



If you are a person who has innumerable whims and fancies, you can suffice them with props like yoga block, wall straps or ropes or similar equipment that will aid you in identifying your range for the asana. This technique is considered excellent for people with injuries as the motion will be safe and effective.



Ashtanga is a type of yoga that belongs to the challenging genre. Ashtanga consists of six series of unambiguously designed yoga pose to build internal heat. These poses must be performed in the same manner and order each time you perform it! It is like a memory game tailored for the perfectionist type of beginners.



Bikram comprises of a pre-decided series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises executed in a room that is heated to approximately 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity.


Hot yoga:

Hot yoga is like bikram where yoga meditation is performed in a heated but. The relief is that there is no sequence or set of exercise to follow. If you are looking for a strenuous workout, go for it!

Hot yoga


Kundalini is like a fun acitivity class where you perform yoga with intense breath work along with singing, meditation and chanting. Kundalini will support you to bring out the untapped energy inside your body and soul raising you level of self-awareness.


Yin yoga:

Yin yoga poses are slow and this meditative asana targets your connective tissue and fascia. For people to aim to improve elasticity, flexibility along with unwinding yourself in the power of meditation, yin yoga is your vacation!

Yin yoga


Restorative yoga is a mellow and laid form of yoga where you do nothing much other than pushing your body to experience deeper relaxation.


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