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Yoga Etiquette to be followed in Yoga Class.

Have you been greeted with raised eyebrows by your yoga instructor at home or have simply caught yourself feeling negated? If yes, it is probably because you might have failed to follow the basic yoga etiquettes in the class. Fret not! Here is a list of 5 obligatory habits that will put both you and your yoga instructor’s time to good use!

Say no to cell phones:

This is a no-brainer. In order to show respect and dedication towards a task, whether in a movie theatre or while talking to someone, cell phones should be not be used until urgent. If you use your cell phone in the yoga class, your entire focus shifts and the sessions holds no meaning. Try to finish all your tasks prior to the session so that your mind is highly relaxed to concentrate.


Get a hold of your breathing:

Breathing is the backbone of any yoga session. But there are some individuals who breathe loud enough to distract others. Yoga obviously promotes expressing but not at the cost of disturbing others. So, as a thumb rule of respecting your Sangha or community that you perform yoga with, it is indispensible to have a clutch on your senses.



Bathing is surely dreaded in winters, but you cannot disagree with the fact that not keeping yourself clean is gross! Imagine yourself endeavoring to achieve serenity and an awful whiff strokes your nose, definitely not a pleasant scene right? Do your Sangha a favor by walking afresh in the class and with clean feet on your mat.

Respect time:

Whether you are taking  yoga courses in Delhi or have opted to call a yoga instructor at home, it is essential to honor time. If you have called in for at home yoga, make sure you latch on a time slot that is feasible for you rather than showing up late.


Follow the sequence:

Yoga instructors do not mind a little variation here and there but if you manage to make up your own set of asanas and differ from the row especially when everyone is following the solidarity, your matchlessness is not acceptable. This is because you are not only trying to outsmart the yoga tutor but you are also confusing the person next to you. Remember that one of the most basic principles of yoga is union.

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