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Yoga Asanas That You Can Do At Your Desk

Amidst hours of travel and getting rid of the desk pilled with work, finding time to keep yourself fit and mind alert by enrolling for yoga classes in Delhi sounds like a task. What if we say you can actually feel re-charged and shove the sleep chronicles that follow post-lunch by performing simple corporate yoga asanas at your desk? Too good to be true? Scroll down to believe!

4 Corporate Yoga asanas that can be done at the desk:
1. Seated crescent pose:

A slouched position for long durations at work compels the body to collapse and the back to go for a toss. Crescent pose is exactly what you need to keep the back, neck and shoulders in the best of condition.

How to perform: Lift your arms over your head and stretch your fingers wide apart. Taking a deep breath, lean towards the right side of your chair and hold the stretch for 2-3 breaths. Repeat the procedure on the left side.

What do you get: Instant muscle relaxation, augmented focus and steep concentration levels.6-yoga-poses-to-deal-with-office-health-problems-12. Wrist and finger stretches:

We thank the pioneers of copy and paste but hate the discomfort they bring to our finger right? If you have stopped feeling your fingers and wrist after a busy day at work, you have to execute wrist and finger stretches every 2 hours.

How to perform: Raise your hands above your head with wrists closed. Now rotate both wrists in clock and anti-clockwise direction for about 10-15 times.

Place one arm on the desk with its fingers pointed towards you. Now use the other arm to bend the fingers downwards. Straighten your palm and again use the counter palm to stretch the former downwards. Hold each pose for 5-10 breaths. Repeat this procedure with the other hand.

What do you get: Enhanced blood flow in the muscles and tendons, released tension in the arms and wrists, improved typing experience.

23. Chair cat-cow:

As the name suggests, the pose resembles a cat and a cow, not the mooing and meowing but literally the pose.

How to perform:

Sit with your legs perpendicular to the ground and hands placed on the knees. Now as you inhale, arch your back while your shoulders automatically get pushed down. Continue the pose by exhaling and rounding your stomach. As you sync the back and forth movement along with your breathing, go quickly with the position switches.

What do you get: A well-stretched back and neck, amplified ability to pay attention as the harmonized breathing calms the mind.Chair-Cat-Cow-Stretch4. Seated twist pose:

This pose has high chances to put you in awkward situations where the person sitting behind you might feel that you are staring at them. But trust us when we say, every stare is worth the health perk!

How to perform: Place your feet on the ground and face forward. Now place your left hand on the left leg and your right hand on the top of your chair while you slowly twist your body towards the right side. When you are unable to twist anymore, hold the position for 2-3 breathes, return to the center and continue the same process with the other side.

What do you get: No bloated feeling, no digestive problems, anindirect aid to cure a backache because a strong core=strong back, toned love handles.4

Too shy to resort to corporate yoga poses at your desk? Why don’t you pitch in the idea of inculcating corporate yoga at your workplace for the office to yield its benefits or call in an expert yoga tutor from Healers at Home at your residence and at the time you like to do the needful?

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