4 Yoga asanas for Weight Loss

While yoga is an effective method of weight loss, it’s critical that we understand the various factors that cause weight gain in order to combat them using yoga. Unhealthy eating habits are the primary culprits, of course, but weight gain can also result from abnormal functioning of bodily functions. Yoga, at its most rudimentary, consists of breathing exercises that tend to correct these abnormalities and rejuvenate the body.  As soon as this is taken care of, we can begin to look at exercises for the body.

Yoga Asanas for weight loss


1.      Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is done with an empty stomach in the morning. It consists of 12 different poses in a specific order which is described in the video link here.

2.      Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana or the warrior pose stretches most of your body. It should be carried out in supervision for heart patients. It stretches your thighs, shoulders, hips and chest, and at the same time, strenghtens your back, shoulders and arms.

Woman performation virbhadra yoga asanas for weight loss

3.      Trikonasana

Trikonasana is an asana that is brilliant for people with a loose belly. It is important that people with back problems should not go ahead with this asana. While it strengthens your lower back, it also stretches your stomach and shoulder, toning your entire body.

Man practicing trikonasana

4.      Purvottanasana

Putvottanasana is an important asana for weight loss as it burns calories at a high rate. It stretches your shoulder, the lower body and the thorax.

Steps to go about this asana are as follows:

a. Lie down on your back.

b. Then push your body with the help of your arms so that your arms are straight and make 90 degrees with the floor.

c. Ensure that your torso and lower are in a straight line. Hold for 15 seconds, rest and repeat it 10 times.

Woman perfecting purvottanasana

The basics of yoga should be combined with a well regulated and balanced diet, with an eye out for the over-consumption of processed foods and spices and replacing them with fruits and vegetables instead.


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