Yoga and Asthma

An attack of asthma can be a fearful and exhausting experience. People who suffer from the disease have a chronic inflammation and a narrowing of the airways in their lungs. We can survive for days without water, food or sleep, but our breath is the sustaining force of life. The following yogasanas will help you to keep a check on asthma. Usually asthmatic patients breathe incorrectly. We will start by learning some breathing exercises.


Alternate nostril breathing technique, Skull shining breathing technique, Sitting half spinal twist, Wind relieving pose, Bridge pose, Cobra pose, Downward-facing dog pose, Butterfly pose, Upward plank pose, Corpse pose and techniques such as these, when practiced for days together, can definitely bring about a positive change in your health.


A daily practice of these postures for 15 – 20 minutes will considerably reduce your chances of an asthma attack and may even help you get rid of it. A few minutes spent meditating will also enhance your experience and help calm your mind.


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