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Yoga A 3D Modi Can Do But Ramdev Baba Can’t!

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So what is this yoga pose which 3D Modi can do but yoga guru Ramdev baba cant? Well! Narendra Modi the prime minister of India is soon planning to be a yoga guru for the generation, ha-ha pun intended! Recently some young creative people made an animated video of Mr. Narendra Modi teaching yoga at home. In the video, he is seen teaching the yoga pose Trikonasana. In the animated video, Modi Ji is seen wearing a blue t-shirt and track pant doing his yoga asana in the backdrop of a lush green forest with pink flowers.

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With his grey head and beard, he is seen teaching the yoga asana in a very subtle way. Right after its release, Mr. Modi was quick in sharing this video on his twitter handle praising the unknown lads who made him a yoga guru and used the opportunity to spread the word of his love for yoga and the benefits practicing yoga has on your mind and your body. The video is currently available only in Hindi & English language and we think there are surely more of such videos going to be coming our way in different languages.

Mr. Narendra Modi has been advocating the benefits of yoga for a long time and the 3D animation video just made him a yoga teacher from a yoga practitioner in a day. He was really amazed at the creativity of the youngsters. Mr. Modi is already very popular for spreading the virtues of yoga and promoting it among youth and has got even more traction on his social media handles through this animated video. The Indian prime minister states that he practices yoga at home daily, which is the reason for his good mental and physical health despite very hectic schedules. Modi Ji states that he gets to sleep just 4 hours a night but still feels very healthy and active all the time pointing to his yoga sessions as the reason behind his high energy level.

Mr. Modi has been very vocal about yoga and its health benefits since the beginning of his prime ministerial tenure. The Indian leader is definitely right about the benefits yoga has. Everyone should practice yoga at home or wherever possible. There is a variety of yoga for a variety of goals like yoga for weight loss, yoga for fitness, yoga for general health and yoga for muscle toning. In ancient India, yoga was taught to children from a very young age and practicing yoga was a part of the education system.

Yoga has some major mental and physical health benefits attached to it. To name a few, practicing yoga can heal lower back injuries, increase concentration, lower blood pressure, and increase flexibility. Yoga also improves strength, but it is always advised to practice yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor as wrong yoga forms can lead to serious injuries.

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