Why Physiotherapy is essential for Post Surgery Recovery?

Going through a surgery is hard enough but the rehabilitation period right after the surgery is just as important. Recuperation from your injury can only be successfully accomplished if proper and persistent physiotherapy methods are adopted by the patient as suggested by the doctor. Physiotherapy helps in regaining strength and bringing back the normal movement of the body after the surgery has taken place. But let us drill down and take a deeper and more accurate look at why Physiotherapy is essential for a patient after a Surgery.

  1. Heal the wounded muscles

Rehabilitation is a process and the post surgery precautions are as important as the process itself. Undergoing a surgery mends the wound but it also causes a lot of strain and makes the muscles in the relevant areas weak. This means these tissues and muscles surrounding the wound can be ruptured or hampered in other ways by even the simplest of normal movements. There are musculoskeletal experts who advise on the kind of physiotherapy exercises that one needs to adopt so as to make sure that the muscle heals in the right manner.

heal wounded muscles

  1. Getting back that mobility

Undergoing surgeries for areas belonging to the lower portion including knees and hips can reduce mobility that would otherwise be easy for normal people. To regain that everyday mobility, strategic and gradual physiotherapy exercises are required that allows the patient to slowly regain and ultimately attain normal body movement. The intensity and the difficulty level of the physiotherapy exercises could be gradually increased so that the body can adapt to the changes without hampering the tissues. Lack of such exercises or other physiotherapy methods can not only delay recovery time but also prevent the injury from healing in some cases.

backpain mobility

  1. Recovering faster than normal

If you left the wound to self medicate post surgery, then you might get relative success. However to accelerate the pace of recovery, Physiotherapy is an essential tool. In fact studies have shown that sooner you start with the physiotherapy methodology post surgery, shorter is your stay in the hospital.

recovering faster than normal

  1. Get engaged in your own Recovery

This is another important and self empowering reason why patients should seek physiotherapy methods post surgery recovery. Physical therapy makes sure that the patient themselves get involved in their own recovery which is something empowering and inspirational as oppose to the process of surgery itself.

own recovery

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