Why every desk job employee gets back pain?

Why every desk job employee gets back pain?

Are you a computer professional or have a desk job of other sorts? Then it is more than likely that you have come across colleagues or family members who have experienced back pain. Or maybe you are unfortunate enough to have experienced that back pain yourself.

But what is lower back pain and what is the common link between sitting for hours behind a desk and subsequent chronic back pain that comes with it.

Lower Back Pain – What is it?

Lower back pain can range from light discomfort to chronic pain originating from below the ribcage area which is also called as the lumber region. It is expected to occur mainly in younger individuals aging from 30 to 60. It can be broadly categorized into two categories with one being lower back muscle strain and the other within the disc. The latter of the two can be really threatening with some of its examples including lumbar degenerative disc disease or lumbar disc herniation.

The entire upper body weight is basically supported by a set of more than 30 small bones called as vertebra. This whole set is called spine whereas the space between each vertebra is filled by a disc which is nothing but a spongy piece of cartilage. The presence of these spongy cartilages basically prevents the vertebrae from rubbing against each other which can be painful to say the least.

What causes Lower Back Pain?

There are various factors that can trigger lower back pain including excessive load on normal back or enduring laborious work for long hours. This may comprise of not only physical labor but also sitting behind a desk for long hours. Working as a professional for long hours also means handling a lot of stress, whether it is physical, emotional or mental. Sitting for long hours on a chair can also tempt an employee to sit in a posture that may feel comfortable at the time but can cause horrendous effect on your lower back in the long run. All these factors can cause fatigue which in collaboration with lack of exercise, poor conditioning of the body lead to serious lower back ailments.

There are three kinds of people who are at the highest risk of having lower back problems including those who have inactive lifestyles, people who are overweight and anybody who is in a job that requires heavy lifting.

In case your back problems do not self heal within a span of 72 hours, you should definitely consult a doctor. But what are the precautions that one can adopt to prevent or cure lower back problems.

How to counter lower back problems?

  1. Yoga

Studies have found that regular Yoga can prevent back pain with poses like Supine Hamstring stretch, Two Knee Twist, Sphinx, Pigeon pose etc

  1. Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation through proper exercises is a great way to strengthen your muscle, improve your lifestyle and heal lower back pain. Stretches and Low impact cardio are great ways to reduce back strain.

  1. Chiropractor

Various Osteopathic doctors and Chiropractor use spinal massage to treat lower back problems using their hands to heal the surrounding bones and tissues.

  1. Acupuncture

Although results are mixed in this case, Acupuncture has been found helpful for various patients in reducing lower back pain.

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