When Virat-Anushka met Narendra Modi Ji

We are sure you have laughed over the memes on the Internet teasing the most talked event-When Virat-Anushka met Narendra Modi Ji.  Keeping the wit apart, if you are really keen on knowing the deets of the merriment, give it a read here.

Attracting the first set of tongue-in-cheek with by simply inviting Modi Ji for the soiree, thanks to the utmost stress about linking AADHAR with every possible aspect, none of the three were spared by the country.

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The exquisite reception invite of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli was designed keeping a palatial theme in the mind and consisted of an invite, box of assorted sweets and stuffed dates.


The power couple, who secretly tied a knot in Tuscany on 11th December, 2017 put up their first round of reception in Delhi at Taj Diplomatic Enclave and is to be followed by a one in Mumbai that promises to be a full-on Bollywood night. Virat-Anushka’s reception in Delhi was organized for Virat Kohli’s extended family and for other dignitaries. The event was a star studded with personages like Shikhar Dhawan and Gautam Gambhir, but that one bigwig who stole the show and attracted countless bantering is our Prime Minister, MR. Narendra Modi. Despite the burden of running a nation, a responsibility laden work schedule, we must compliment the fact that Narendra Modi makes time for yoga and junctures like these that cannot be missed!


Of course, the presence of Narendra Modi at Virat-Anushka’s wedding was also subject to memes that were in response to the invitation.

Not doubting that the couple looked a treat to the eyes, we fail to acknowledge the perseverance they have taken to reach this level of triumph and public embracement. When you feel that Anushka’s oozed radiance like the sun and Virat’s shoulders never looked broader, what we unable to see is how they have never comprised a minute of fitness for junk.

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