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What is Paediatric Therapy and Physiotherapy

What is paediatric therapy?

A panel of paediatric occupational therapists are a section of multi-disciplinary medical team who put their maximum efforts to get the best out of a child. They work with children towards their mental and emotional enhancement. This utmost level of development and growth is achieved with persistent exertions and endeavors made in school and at home, thus ensuring progression during both leisure and learning. This pursuits augmentation of their social skills.

The Occupational Therapist also known as OT will initially assess your child to find out what their needs are and in what way and in which genre they require to be supported. All qualified OT’s have to be mandatorily registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. The assessments are a mélange of tests which are standardized and are regimented against the performance of many other children, eventually compared and analyzed with clinical observations of their performance. The Occupational Therapist has to vision where the kids are independent enough to perform their day to day tasks of daily skills like eating, dressing and hygiene without any hesitation. The Occupational Therapist can also advise use of assisting equipment to make a particular task easier for the concerned child. This equipment can be as basic as a piece of better cutlery to improve eating habits and can magnify to large equipment such as a bath seat for safe and self-supporting bath.

What is paediatric physiotherapy?

Paediatric Physiotherapy is physiotherapy for the kids to assist and treat children or young people to successfully cope with physical problems along with providing mental and emotional support to their families. OTs also aims to make the disabled autonomous and build a fulfilling career. These physiotherapists support children or young people who have immense insecurity and have to strain them for performing basic movement. They also treat short and long-term conditions that create a long lasting impact on physical development of the kids and hammer their ability to participate in play, learning and socializing.

The steps of paediatric physiotherapy are:

  • Assessing the condition of the unfortunate.
  • Devise a plan in line with their family, career and self-goals.
  • Treatment is pioneered into simple everyday activities in a way that the family can also encourage the child to perform physiotherapy. OTs work hard with the child/young person, their family, colleagues and schools/colleges to hearten each child to get extract the honey of their lives and fully utilize their potential to transition into an independent and free adult.
  • Movement difficulties are also addressed by the OTSs in case of: Cerebral Palsy, Development Delay, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, Neuromuscular Conditions, Acquired Brain Injury, Down’s Syndrome.

With Healers at Home, you can be relieved from worrying about your child as a home attendant or qualified physiotherapist work within the service awaiting to bring out the best in your loved ones.

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