What is Frozen Shoulder Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder like the name suggests is a throbbing shoulder that is very arduous to move. Frozen shoulder commonly known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition where the joint tissues become thicker with time leaving no space for the joint to move freely. This congestion for the joint restricts its movement. People aged 40 to 60 are more likely to face frozen shoulder. For treatment of frozen shoulder, it is mandatory to know the frozen shoulder symptoms.

frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder symptoms:

  • In the initial stages when frozen shoulder is getting ignited, your shoulder might begin to ache or hurt while performing tasks.
  • When the pain intensifies it will curb your routine shoulder motion. So you will end up using your arms to a minimal level.
  • Non-usage of your arms and shoulders will shoot the stiffness in the tissues and you will not be able to perform indispensable errands like raising your hand to a higher shelf, wearing clothes etc.
  • You should feel a stinging pain in the bicep area or down the outside of the arm. It can also be a pain similar to a needle pinch. This discomfort will surge during the night time.
  • Swelling and rigidity in the joint tissues.

Frozen shoulder symptoms

Once you pass through the above frozen shoulder signs, it is advisable to get yourself checked for frozen shoulder. It will be diagnosed with physical examination by the doctor followed with X-ray.

Frozen shoulder treatment:

Frozen shoulder treatment is a combination of innumerable and impeccable remedies. It generally starts with prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to subside the swelling. Corticosteroid injections are also used for some cases to curtail the inflammation and condense the pain. If medicines are not satisfactorily aiding to ease the swelling, surgery might also be adopted as an alternative frozen shoulder treatment. In one surgery, you are made unconscious and your arms will be stretched in a way to affluence the stern tissues. In another surgery, the tight and scar tissues are cut through with arthroscopy.

To combat the no motion hitch, gentle stretching and physical therapy is espoused. Physical therapy can proficiently upturn the range of motion. Sometimes frozen shoulder can be alleviated by mere physiotherapy. At Healers at Home we acknowledge how strenuous it is to move during this condition and to help you take the pressure off during this time, we at Healers at Home provide the best-in-class frozen shoulder treatment by experienced and elite professionals at the comfort of your home.



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