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What Is A Nursing Care Plan and Why is it Needed

What is a Nursing care plan?

Nursing care plan as the name suggests is a personalized health proposal devised for catering to the need of an individual or family. Nursing care plan includes components like assessment, diagnosis, expected outcomes and evaluations. The nursing care plan is basically documentation for the care planning which consists of a set of actions that the nurses will apply to resolve or assist in resolving a specific nursing assessment.

Why is it needed?

A nursing care plan is not a mere documentation comprising of various medical details but its need extends way beyond citations.

nursing care

Promote evidence-based care:

Proper maintenance of papers is evidence of the treatment taken and in case of any goof up, necessary action can be taken based on the records.

Encourage holistic care:

Each patient is unique and their diagnosis and treatment will also be unique. Nursing care plan aims to curate a customized holistic plan for each individual considering physical, psychological, social and spiritual factors that affect the detection and prevention of disorders.

Perpetual care:

A nursing care plan is a brilliant way of communication between the nursing staff. Some actions are organized and executed by a particular nurse while some other task is implemented by another. Each duty when accomplished is updated in the nursing care plan so that the revised plan is passed on correctly at each change in shift or staff.

Model for reimbursement:

A nursing care plan is extremely useful for medi-claim or Medicare reimbursement. Insurers or medi-claim companies check the nursing care plan to vouch for and verify the treatment taken. If nursing care is not documented precisely, insurers will not pay any compensation and you will have to bear the expenses from your pocket.

Thus a nursing care plan is highly vital not only for hassle-free recovery but also for other miscellaneous motives. But outlining a nursing plan is not a piece of cake, a nursing care plan needs to be drafted after assessing the patient’s circumstance and after evaluating innumerable other dynamics. We believe that healing is quicker when at home and so we at Healers at Home, provide the best in class experienced and qualified nurses in the comfort of your home. From conscripting veracious and personalized care plan after assessment of administering medicines and handling equipment, our nurses can handle it all like a pro! Why waste time and money when you can heal at home?

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