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Weight Loss Guide: Exercises & Yoga Tips to Lose Weight

Nowadays every people think that they are accumulating some weight and they try different yoga for weight loss. If you want to lose some weight then do some yoga and exercise at least 4 hours in a week. If you give more time for exercise, you can lose more weight. There are so many yoga asanas for weight loss and out of them we have discussed here few.

Best Exercises for weight loss

  1. Jumping Rope

Jump ropes are mostly done by kids and boxers to make their tempo perfect. But do you know jump rope is one of the best exercises to lose weight because by doing this exercise the full body works with burning enough fat from the body.

Stand straight in an open space, rotate your wrists to revolve the rope, and jump off high enough only to rotate the rope. Ground softly and ready to jump up again for the next turn.

This will help you perfectly in losing weight and make the body flexible. Initially start skipping for two minutes and gradually increase the time for a better outcome.

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2. Med Ball Slams

Med ball slams are another good exercise for weight loss. This exercise not only burns fat, reduces anger, boredom, stress and any problem that create botheration for you.

Your whole body exercises moving, lifting the ball above your head and mounting up on your toes, using your hips, arms, and core to crash it down. Grab the ball when bounces back to you and do again. Be careful while doing this exercise to avoid any injury.

Best Yoga Exercise For Weight Loss:

1.Yoga Single Leg Rotations:

This yoga asana for weight loss strengthens the abdominal muscles and build your inner strength.  It prepares your body nicely for the upcoming weight loss exercises.

Sleep on the mat in savasana pose and breathe normally with eyes open. Raise your one leg above the floor while the other leg is on the ground. Rotate the raising leg in a circular motion up to ten times and never let the heel to touch the ground. Control your breath while you practice this yoga exercise and repeat it with the other leg.

2.Kundalini Yoga Stretch:

This is another yoga exercise for weight loss. After finishing single leg rotations, take a break for some time and then do Kundalini Yoga Pose as follows.Lie on your back with putting your hands under your buttocks facing palms down.  Lift your heels 6 inches above the ground, make them pointed and concentrate them by raising the head slightly. This pose increases abdominal strength, energy, willpower, digestion and burns fat from the stomach.  Practice this for 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

3.Bhujanga Asana:

You can do this yoga pose to lose fats from arms, shoulders, back, and also from internal organs.Lie on your stomach, place your hands on both the sides and touch your toes with each other. Then, bring the hands frontward to the shoulder level, and place your palms on the floor. Now, keep your body weight on the palms, breathe in and elevate your head and upper body part. At the same time bend your arms at the elbows. You have to keep the shoulder blades firm, away from your ears and then bend your neck backward to imitate the pose of a cobra with the raised head. Try to press your hips, thighs, and feet to the floor.

Maintain this pose for about 15 to 30 seconds. Breathe normally try to press the stomach to the ground. Now try to come back to the initial position slowly and sleep for a while on the ground.


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