Virat and Anushka: The Power Couple!

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is the couple that has taken the internet by storm with their super secluded wedding in Tuscany. This news has formed to be the twist that probably 2017 was waiting for. If you are the one amongst us who is holding a box of empty tissues and lurking over how gorgeous the entire ceremony was, you have to scroll down for a little relief!1.1

Whether you are going to get hitched soon or need some New Year fitness goals, Virat and Anushka: The Power Couple are trendsetters in every which way. Couples generally shred a lot of weight right before their big day and go back to normal once the ceremony is over. But irrespective of their professional choices, both Virat and Anushka believe in health over taste. Here is a full-fledged chronicle of ViratKohli and Anushka Sharma fitness regime and diet plans.

ViratKohli’s Fitness Regime:

With tons of achievement in the kitty and exceptional performances on the ground, one cannot simply give luck all the credits. ViratKohli is a highly persevering cricket player who swears by a rigorous fitness practice.

  • Unfaltering gym routine:

Unlike a huge chunk of masses, Virat is a staunch follower of gaining lean and strong muscles and thus resorts to a powerful combination of cardio and weights. He feels that a strong arm and explosive running is inevitable in his professional career, and this ideology aids him to meet his goals.


  • Keeping hankerings at bay:

The charm of a scrumptious meal does not entice the Indian captain. Imagine not having something basic as wheat rotis and yum in the tum butter chicken for the longest period of time. We know you are dreading it, but Virat does it!


  • Considers water as his best friend:

Despite a subtle beard, Virat’s glowing skin is visible and pretty enviable. The secret? Undoubtedly gallons of water! This is not hyperbole. ViratKolhi carries a bottle of mineral water wherever he goes and keeps slurping it as and when required.


  • Cheating in limits:

We work out for a minute and treat ourselves to a delicious cake saying we deserve it and then complain about delayed or no results. Virat on the contrary hardly takes up cheat meals. Black coffee, nuts with chocolates is what he believes to cosset himself with.


Anushka Sharma’s Fitness Regime:

AnushkaSharma, is one of the Bollywood actresses who has never shied away from slaying even the boldest bikinis. Naturally blessed with a curvy body, this beautiful lady does work hard to keep herself in shape.

  • Die-hard yoga follower:

Unlike many Bollywood celebs, Anushka Sharma relies on yoga for her lean stature. She feels that yoga keeps her body flexible and rejuvenates her after long shoot days.

  • The gym aficionado:

No matter how much she detests it, Anushka doesn’t miss out on her gym only because she is embracing yoga. She understands how crucial it is to lift weights and abides by an ideal fusion of strength, functional and weight training at the gym.


  • Dancing her way to fitness:

Beating the regular way of staying vigorous, Anushka Sharma loves dancing and chooses to shed those extra calories with the art. She dances for 30 minutes every day, be it on or off her set, and we agree that the results are drool-worthy!


  • Meditation as medication for the mind:

Living in a world of glamor with the knife of criticism and no privacy hanging over the head can definitely lead to a pool of anxiety and stress. Anushka chills her thoughts down by simply meditating twice a day.8

Be it Anushka or Virat, dedication, determination and consistency are the key factors for unparalleled success. If this doesn’t motivate you to start working out, we don’t know what will! Ditch the doubt and have a word with certified tutors from Healers at Home to start today!

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