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Train Your Brain – Top Mobile Games Even Elderly Can Play


Technology has been revolutionizing the world and the contribution of smartphones cannot be neglected.  Smartphones have eased our lives a lot and also altered the ways we have been spending our time on recreation.

Senior citizens have a lot of time to spare and suffer from boredom due to lack of any formal occupancy. Such inactivity leads to lack of mental exercise and consequent declination in memory. Diseases like Alzheimer and Amnesia explain how daily routine activities suffer for both the elderly and the family; technology can be at rescue here if we introduce the elderly to mobile applications and games that help them not only pass their time effectively but also keep their brain engaged and memory in working.

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There is an incarnated child in every elder and giving them access to these activities we ensure their mental and emotional well being which is an essential component of elderly care. Also, gaming helps counter stress and depression, stay active and busy for a major portion of the day. Here is the list of mobile games you can introduce elderly too –

  1. Candy Crush – It’s a free to play a match-three game that helps improve concentration and promptness.
  2. Unblock Me – Easy yet engaging, this game convinces you to put brains in to find a way out.
  3. Scrabble – assisting you with your improvisation of vocabulary, this game ensures you spend time productively and deal with some classic challenges.
  4. Crossword Puzzle – this concentration intensive game consists of grids and boxes and clues leads the player to the desired point. It’s easy to learn and elderly would definitely enjoy it.
  5. Bubble Poke – one of the best ways to kill time and enjoy for elderly, Bubble Poke works on simple fundamental of selecting the similar colored bubbles to burst and win.
  6. Sudoku Master – For people who fall in love with numbers and enjoy logic, this is the perfect recreation activity and brain exercise.
  7. Solitaire – It’s one of the most popular yet extremely simple card game which is mentally stimulating and delightful.
  8. Fruit Ninja – The aim of this game is to slice maximum fruits and earn a point. A compete for stress buster package, this game can even help elderly to relax and enjoy their spare time.

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