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Traffic Problem? Timing Issue? No Problem! Get a Trained Yoga Trainer At Your Doorstep!

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Want to start implementing yoga in your daily life? Maybe for stress reduction or improved flexibility or increased strength and improved health! The reasons can be many. But many of us face a lot of problems starting with finding a good yoga instructor, to finding the perfect batch which matches with our timings or maybe not finding anything nearby at all!

But now the time to worry about such small problems is over.

Why do you need a Yoga Instructor?

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Performing yoga asanas and yoga poses the right way is very important to reap the real benefit out of yoga. Practicing yoga asanas on your own can be dangerous if not performed under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor. Practicing yoga at home alone can lead to various injuries if not performed the right way. Healers at home bring you the best and certified yoga instructor at home who have years of experience in yoga and also hold top certifications and degrees in yoga.

Benefits of booking an appointment with a yoga instructor at home

Having a yoga instructor at home can help you in many ways and avoid many problems that are faced by many of us when trying to implement yoga in our daily life. Let us look at how booking an appointment with a yoga instructor at home has got easier with healers at home.

1. Hassle-free booking

With healers at home, you can book an appointment with a yoga instructor online. Just log in to our website and book your appointment in simple steps. The online payment option makes it quick and easy; you can also choose the yoga instructor of your choice from our pool of 500+ verified yoga teachers.

2. Qualified Instructors

All our yoga instructors are certified and have years of experience in practicing yoga. They will make sure the yoga asanas are performed correctly and suggest you the best yoga asanas for your body type.

3. Flexible Timings

The best benefit of having a yoga instructor at home is the flexibility of timing. You can choose a yoga instructor according to your time and requirement. From the large pool of yoga instructors available choose the one matching with your timing and book the slot.

4. Affordable Plans

We at healers at home have the most affordable plans starting from INR 5,500 per month for 3 classes a week, which you can also share with 3 other members of your family for no added cost.

5. Specialized Yoga Services

Finding the right yoga instructor for a specific issue is very difficult. But with our portal, you can find the perfect yoga instructor specializing in different yoga types like hatha yoga, yoga for diabetes, yoga for heart etc.

6. Trial Session

You can have a trial yoga session at your home to get the taste out of our services and understand our professionalism and make your decision.

So, there are a lot of reasons because of which you might be stuck and not move ahead with your yoga requirement. But we are making sure that you get the yoga services at home at the most affordable prices and the best available qualified yoga instructors. Practicing different yoga asanas daily has a very positive effect on your mental and physical health. So don’t wait and go ahead and book your trial session with us.

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