Top early signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms are not caught by all. Many women fail to recognize such pregnancy signs are a little subtle for their taste and thus fail to take necessary precautions for the same. An early detection of pregnancy could go a long way in keeping the mother and the child healthy. Various pre-natal services can be availed including pre-natal Yoga. There are various early symptoms of pregnancy but we will take a look at the ones that are more noticeable.

Repulsion to food

Being at unease just by the smell of new food is a common signature of being pregnant. Early stage pregnant women feel nauseated even by the smell of food or at least certain foods like coffee, vegetables etc. Different kind of food repel different women and creates a kind of trigger action that really cannot be avoided. There is no clear evidence so as to why such responses is created but some studies have suggested that it could be due to increase in level of estrogen.

Changes in Mood/Mood Swings

This is obviously a more common one. Having mood swings during early stage pregnancy is common because there are drastic hormonal changes. These changes in hormones impact the chemical messages in the brain which are also called as neurotransmitters. This would mean experiencing heightened range of emotions across all spectrum whether it is good or bad.


Frequent urination

This is another symptom where we come back to the changes in hormones. The hormonal changes lead to a series of events that causes an increase in the rate of blood flow to your kidneys. As a result the bladder is filled at a faster rate and that too more frequently. Thus women need to urinate more frequently. These chain of events can occur in the first 20 days of the pregnancy.

Painful Breasts

The fourth symptom on our list is sore breasts. As the level of hormones rises in the body, breasts of women also start to become more sensitive garnering swelling that is also painful. You can consider this as a more amplified version of what your breasts feel like during pregnancy. After the first three to four months, the body adjusts to the changes in hormones leading to decrease in the pain.

Period Missed

Irregular arrival of periods is an important symptom of pregnancy. In fact before any of the other symptoms, missing of periods is the first reason by you should get a pregnancy kit and test whether you are expecting or not. However if you are not monitoring the timings of your period then the above four symptoms can be important indicators.

Pre-natal and post-natal yoga are important aspects of nurturing the mother and the child and thus responding to these symptoms is as important as noticing them.

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