Top 7 stretching & strengthening exercises for a frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is also known by the scientific name adhesive capsulitis. Frozen actually means still. The basic frozen shoulder symptoms are shoulder pain, restricted motion of the shoulder.

There are various causes of frozen shoulder.  It usually happens due to some injury or overuse of the shoulder muscles. There is a rupture in the tissues around the shoulder joint.

Frozen shoulder treatment should be done immediately once it has been detected. Stretching exercises are considered as the best-frozen shoulder treatment exercises. A proper warm up becomes very necessary before any exercise.

Making the area warm by using a heating pad is one of the warm-up methods. However, a warm shower covers it all.

Physiotherapy for frozen shoulder includes various exercises that should be first confirmed by a doctor. There are a number of exercises for frozen shoulder. Some very important frozen shoulder exercises are listed below:


1.Inward Rotation

This exercise involves the use of a rubber band. Tie one end of the band around the doorknob and hold the other end with the surgical hand. Now pull the band in the inward direction. Repeat it as many times as recommended.

2.Outward rotation

This exercise also involves the use of a rubber band. Hold a rubber band with both the hands. Make a 90-degree angle between your elbows and hands. Now rotate the surgical arm outside and hold for some time. Repeat as many times as recommended.

3.Pendulum Stretch

Put the other shoulder on a stationary table and keep the surgical shoulder loose. Now swing the surgical arm in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. You can also perform this exercise by holding a certain weight.

4.Finger Walk

The actual exercise has to be done by your fingers and not you shoulder muscles. Stand to face a wall and place your fingers on the wall with you elbow slightly bent. Now move your fingers in all the possible directions.

5.Towel Stretch

This exercise involves the use of a medium sized towel. Hold one end of the towel with on hand behind your back and hold the other end with the surgical hand. Now stretch the towel with the good arm in order to pull stress on the other arm.

6.Armpit Stretch

Place both your good arm and surgical arm onto a table of chest size. Keep bending your knees and with each bent stretch your arms thus relaxing the armpits. Repeat as many times as recommended.

7.Cross Body Reach

This is a very simple exercise. It can be performed in both sitting and standing position.  With the help of your good arm, make your surgical arm horizontal. Now stretch the surgical arm across the body. Repeat as many times as recommended.


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