Top 5 Common Sports Injuries

If you are a sportsperson then you must be no stranger to injuries. The amount of strain that a sportsperson puts his or her body through is unparallel to any other field. Whether it is athletes, cricketers, Tennis players, wrestlers or even Body Builders, injuries are inevitable and it is up to the sportsperson to condition him or herself to make sure that he or she succumbs to as fewer amounts of circumstances as possible. Some sport injuries is more common than others which allows the Physio or the athlete himself or herself to train in such a way that such cases can be avoided. So let us take a look at some of the most common sports injuries that sportspersons are likely to endure.

  1. Knee Injuries

If statistics are to be believed knee injuries make up for 55 percent of the overall sports injuries which makes it a red alert. Further, knee injuries also form one fourth of the total problems treated by orthopedic surgeons. Knee injuries generally occur for any kind of runner and running is an essential part of almost all sports. Whether it is cycling, football, soccer, aerobics, basketball or swimming, knee injuries is one of the most common sports injuries.


  1. Shoulder Injury

The second spot for the most common sports injuries is shoulder injury is taken by the shoulder injury that makes up for 20 percent of the total sports injuries including issues involving strains, dislocations and sprains. Shoulder injuries are found to be most common in sports that involve intensive arm or shoulder movement including volleyball, swimming, weightlifting, tennis and baseball. Overuse of arms can sometimes cause damage to rotator cuff which is basically the surrounding area of shoulders.



  1. Hamstring Strain

Hamstring basically comprises of three muscles at the back portion of the knee which makes the susceptibility level for injuries all the more high. Activities such as waterskiing, hurdling or anything that involves overstretching or overusing the muscles can lead to Hamstring Strain. Warm ups are a good way to condition yourself for resisting hamstring pulls.


  1. Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow injuries comprise of 7 percent of all sports injuries. If you follow cricket then you would know that Sachin Tendulkar famously incurred a similar injury in the mid of his career that took him out of action for a while. Tennis elbow is also called as epicondylitis and occurs as a result of repetitive use of the elbow. As far as pain is concerned, it can be experience both on the inside and the outside of the elbow. Use of Ice and proper rest can heal such injuries and mitigate pain.


  1. Sciatica

Sciatica is another one of the common sports injuries that basically is a lower back pain which can effectively even reach down to legs. Sports like golf, baseball, running, tennis and cycling are likely to cause such back spasms or bulging discs. Back spasms can be treated with ice and rest but bulging discs will require medical attention from professionals.


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