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Top 4 Free Yoga Destinations in India.


Everything automatically becomes more lucrative as soon as we know that it is available free of cost, isn’t it? If you are one of those people, who manage to find a novel excuse to skip working out every single day, here is a list of places in India that cater to free yoga and will form to be your ultimate deal breaker!

  1. Patanjali Yogpeeth:

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna have revolutionized the idea of healthy living in India. To make salubriousness available to everyone, free yoga classes are conducted in Patanjali Yogpeeth Centers at an hourly interval. Yoga is taught by certified yoga tutors in Yog Bhawan that is a 200000 sq. Ft. massive auditorium. All one needs to do is walk in at the center, fill in details and start the process of ultimate blissfulness!

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  1. Bihar School of Yoga:

Bihar school of yoga is one of the most peaceful places to learn, execute and aptly indulge oneself in yoga. This premise is built on a strong foundation of simple living and believes in creating the drive for selfless service. Therefore, yoga is taught here on a barter basis wherein the Ashram provides an individual with stay, food and yoga sessions and in turn, expects voluntary work in the Ashram.


  1. Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA):

Pioneered in 1986, this institute offers a basic yoga for beginners but still promises to be strenuous and exhaustive and indispensably pleasant. You will have around 100 batch mates who aid you evolve with every session taken in the premises. VYASA is in Bangalore and offers free food, stay, and hot bathing water at no cost/minimal cost depending on the program opted for.


  1. Art of Living:

Art of Living ashram, founded by the ambassador of peace, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, in Bangalore is nothing else but tranquility at its best. You will feel at home as soon as you enter the Ashram. You have to reach out to the help desk and sign yourself up for the yoga program. Along with admission for yoga class, you will also be assigned volunteer work based on your qualification and physical strength. Once the program is over, you will discover a calmer, saner and secure you.

Learning yoga and meditation at soulful places is a life-changing experience. But remember to be consistent and practice what you learn once you are back from the Ashram to lead a fruitful life henceforth!

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