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Top 10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults

They say that promises and resolutions are made to be broken, we at Healers at Home do not agree. At least with age, an individual has to learn to abide by his promise or resolutions to live a healthy and better life. Young bees make zillion resolutions to quit smoking or to get fit, but the elderly do not have a choice. We have made a list of top 10 New Year resolutions that every aged should swear by or apt senior citizen care and to stay vigorous for the years to come:

new year resolution

Eat a salubrious diet:

Younger or older, a right diet is mandate for good health. Care for elders begins with a diet full of nourishment with lesser calories. As a senior person, consume atleast 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Do not forget to include nuts and heart-healthy foods like tuna. Try to inculcate intake of calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong and avoid excess salt intake.

Look for multivitamin:

If unable to satiate the daily vitamin needs, consult your health care provider to assist you with supplements for wholesome senior citizen care.

Stay active:

Age should not be an excuse to stop the elderly from staying active. Physical activity is recommended for senior citizen care even if they have heart problem, arthritis or any other ailment. Keep your weight under control and body moving to stay evergreen.

Go for regular check-ups:

Care for elders is incomplete without routine check-ups. At that age, health disorders can pop up out of nowhere. So it is mandatory to keep a tab on the existing complications and look out for new problems. Take to your doctor if you need any new immunization or tests.


Cut down on drinking:

Senior citizens want to live their lives to the fullest. But as you grow, consumption of alcohol actually increases your chances of feeling depressed. Limit yourself to 2 drink per day for older men and 1 drink per day for older women.

Dodge against falls:

One out of 3 senior citizens is injured because of falls. This new year, promise to save yourself from the harm by making your house elder-friendly with the help of your loved ones.

Workout mentally:

Giving the brains some strain by solving Sudoku or playing puzzles is as important as staying physically active.

Give up smoking:

While you are young, your body still has a chance to recover from smoking, as you grow old your immunity and resistance has already slowed so giving up smoking is the best resolution as care for senior citizens.

Speak up:

As your children or loved ones might be busy with their lives, it might get strenuous for them to give you all the attention. If you feel anxious or depressed talk to your partner, kids or grandchildren.

Get enough sleep:

Avoid daytime naps and opt for fulfilling night sleep for 7-8 hours minimum.

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