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Tips to get a goodnight’s sleep!

‘I will just watch one episode’ or ‘Let me just scroll through social media for only 5 minutes’ are a few fake promises that each individual makes and breaks every single day. Struggling to sleep and dreading to wake up has now become a daily phenomenon. Though it is one of the most neglected factors, a good night’s sleep is as important as exercise is to the body. Poor sleep has immediate effects on hormones and brain functions and leads to anxiety, weight gain, and restlessness. Be it by choice or chance, if you are one of the preys to pitiable sleep, here are a few tips on how you can catch up on the quality and quantity of sleep:

  • Be consistent:

If you go to sleep at 10 pm during the weekdays and on 5 am during the weekends, you are simply confusing your body’s internal clock. Set a feasible time that is easier to adopt throughout the week and strive to go to bed at the same point every day.

  • Put off tech:

The light emitted by cell phones, laptops and TV are highly disruptive. The light suppresses melatonin, and the overall experience post-using gadgets are nothing but stimulating. At all costs, avoid using gadgets at least an hour before sleep. No matter how tempted you are to check that beep on the phone, remember anything that costs you your health is too expensive!

  • Adorn your bedroom:

Will you ever be able to exercise if your gym plays sad songs, the ambiance is gloomy, and the equipment you pick is sweaty? No! Similarly, to ensure that you sleep well, you need to affirm on pertinent settings. Get a comfortable pillow and mattress set that suits your physical status and revamp your bedroom with dark curtains. You can also set up Reiki and oil burners in the room as aromatherapy is known to assertively influence sleep.

  • Pick what you eat:

A single dose of caffeine uplifts your concentration and focus but doesn’t work in your favor when consumed later during the day as it excites your nervous systems and doesn’t let your body hibernate at night. If you feel like having coffee later during the day, stick to decaffeinated coffee.

When it comes to meals, austerely avert hogging on heavy meals as they are the sole culprits for heartburn and stomach troubles during the night. Drink sufficient water during the day so that you do not feel dehydrated in the sleep and disrupt your slumber. Don’t sip too much right before sleeping because you don’t want to keep running to the washroom right?

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  • Move your body:

A sedentary lifestyle is a thing today. We get out of our beds, sit in the cab, reach and sit in the office and come back home to sit and chill. When our body is pervasively at rest, it doesn’t get physically exhausted and might not fetch a good sleep during the night. Do not bunk off on any sort of physical activity. If the gym is not your thing, you can resort to yoga. Yoga will not only strain your body but will also harmonize your mind thus upgrading the sleep quality.

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