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Tips for Quick Recovery of Elderly Patients at Home

With the right home care services, there is no chore or post-surgical regime that becomes too mind-numbing to look after. To know that the hired home nursing services are obliging to their duties as they should, it is imperative to have knowledge about the requisites. Below listed are a few factors that you need to latch on for quick recovery of elderly patients at home:


One of the basic reasons home nursing services are chosen is to reap the perks of healing at the comfort of a relaxing temperament. When home care services are arranged, mental peace automatically pitches in.

  • As the healing place is a home and not a hospital, it is vital to keep the house infection free.
  • To keep the patient at ease, it is crucial to keep the sound levels to the minimum. This also promotes good sleep and faster health regaining.
  • As a patient’s body is generally weak, it is necessary to keep the temperature warm.
  • Clean water, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. are important to prevent infections.
  • Keep the room as ventilated as possible for fresh air to keep coming in.


Food has the power to make or break your health. Along with what you are eating, how you are also eating matters.

  • Give small and proportionate meals to the patient.
  • Try to incorporate a variety of healthy food preps as loss of appetite is common.
  • For patients suffering from specific health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. need to follow a strict diet plan as advised by the doctor.
  • Keep the patient’s body hydrated enough.
  • Ban alcohol, caffeine, salty and oily food preparations or serve them very occasionally.
  • Make sure that food is prepared under hygienic conditions after thorough washing of vegetables, fruits, and other items.


Whether or not the subject is able to move, exercise is inevitable for prompt, desired and pertinent retrieval from a health condition.

  • Walking is a must.
  • For bed ridden patients, physiotherapy can be resorted to as an alternative for daily exercising. For other patients, any activity like yoga or the one that is liked by them can be performed. To keep the spirits of the patients high, family members can also exercise with them. In turn, the family members get an augmented vigor too!

 Personal hygiene:

Personal hygiene is crucial whether or not you are recovering from a disease.

  • Washing hands before and after having food or tasks like toileting to avert the possibility of an infection.
  • Brushing and bathing/sponging daily.

It is nearly impossible to keep a check on someone who is already checking on someone! If you are looking for home care services that not only cater to the above responsibilities without a glitch but walk an extra mile to imbibe a sense of positivity in the patients and encouraging them to be self-suffice, Healers at Home is the name! Our at home care takers know how to be a friend, philosopher, and guide for the elderly patients!


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