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Tips for Leaving Your Baby for the First Time with a Nanny

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We must all stay with the baby. But sometimes we need to go out of the house without our babies and we get worried to leave our baby for the first time at home. Therefore we need someone to stay with the kid. As all the time no family member is available to stay with the baby or to take care, so we require a nanny care service to look after the kid in our absence.

Today so many organizations like Healers at Home offer mother and child care. Now many parents are working and they need a nanny to look after their child when they are not at home. Though we prefer to keep a nanny at home, still then we cannot be relaxed by leaving the baby with a babysitter. Here we will discuss some tips to prepare both the parent and the baby to have a babysitter.

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Though the person with whom you leave your baby doesn’t need a book to observe your kid, still then your nerves must be wracking. Therefore make a simple and user-friendly “sitter guide”. Make a plan one or two-week before you leave the baby at home. Prepare a note of things which are necessary and the things with which the baby is not comfortable. This list can help the sitter and you will be assured that everything is there for your baby.

Most parents provide emergency information to the nany, but sometimes we forget to tell some common things. Because some sitters may do not have children of their own or some have babies a long time back and they will like this idea.

A few items you should include as follows:

Calming strategy: It is not so easy to watch a child and it is more difficult when the baby is not your own. So include the following ideas.

1.Foods: It may be easy to serve food if you have an older child, they can also take food according to their liking. But a baby cannot tell about his/her favorite food. So it is the duty of parents to talk about the food habits of the baby to the sitter and make the required things available.

  1. Favorite Music: Some children get calm with music. So give this idea to the sitter to entertain the kid with music.
  2. Favorite books: Children always have a liking towards picture books, story books etc. So give this idea to the sitter to engage the child with these things for some time.

Trial run

This idea can help you in decreasing your tension of leaving the baby for the first time with a nanny. You have to train the sitter by doing some trial runs if the sitter is new for the nanny care service or does not have any children. Before appointing a sitter, give some difficult task to complete.

Changing a Diaper: You must have the unpleasant experience of changing a diaper initially. Therefore you have to train this and give a trial at least once to make it easier for your sitter.

Getting Dressed: Show the clothes and give them trials to dress the baby in front of you. Also, let them face the challenges of dressing the toddler.


Make yourself relaxed. You can organize as much as you like, try to be friendly with the sitter and make the work comfortable for the sitter. Trust your friend and trust your child to make everything okay.

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