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The Yoga of Eating!! Make Peace with Food!!

A few thoughts from Yoga of Eating:- By Charles Eisenstein

The Yoga of Eating is the benefit of mindfully smelling, eating, tasting and enjoying food. This helps us get in touch with our body and our senses for better health.
We all need various types of diets based on our place in life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Makes perfect sense! Doesn’t it?

There is nothing right or wrong when you’re eating a whole food diet, but when we eat by listening to the bodily cues, it matters a lot!!
Eisenstein also talks about fasting which since it’s a topic we’ve reaped so many benefits from personally. Here’s a beautifully inspiring quote that has the capability to stick in your head forever:

“Fasting has dimensions far beyond what we usually label physical, and it cleanses more than just the body. Because eating is such a convenient distraction, fasting puts us face to face with ourselves. A day without food seems to stretch ahead forever as the mind squirms, twists and turns looking for an escape. Fasting is a meditation of the body; conversely, Confucius calls meditation “mental fasting”

[Source:-Yoga of Eating:- By Charles Eisenstein]

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