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The Stunning Weight Loss Secrets of Parineeti Chopra’s secret REVEALED!

Yoga for weight loss

The Punjabi girl and Ishaqzaade heroin Parineeti Chopra is in limelight today not only due to her acting but also due to her fastest weight loss. Here we will discuss the stunning weight loss secrets of Parineeti Chopra. According to Parineeti before joining film industry, she was fat having a weight of 86 kilos. But now she could have made her shape perfectly. Would you like to know her secrets of weight loss? Then read the following,

The secrets of weight loss of Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra was very much fond of food; it was difficult for her to lose weight. But, with a strict rule and with a balanced diet plan, she could shed the extra pounds at last. When other actors hesitate to admit that they are overweight, Parineeti dared to talk about her overweight before the media.

In one of her interviews, she told that when actresses like Vidya Balan and Huma Qureshi feel comfortable with their figures, she was not happy with her figure. She wanted to compete with other good-looking actresses. Due to her overweight and bulky figure, she was facing problems in dressing up. Then she tried to lose weight and look good by practicing yoga for weight loss and yoga for women.

Parineeti has been healthier since her childhood. She gains weight easily due to lower metabolism. Whenever she tried to eat healthily, she gained weight. So she underwent a test for food allergies at an Australian Health Center and found out both appropriate and unsuitable foods for her body.  To increase metabolism and stay hydrated she drinks enough water. Her weight was 86 kilos and she was wearing jeans of size 38.  When she entered into film industry she faced negative criticism for her overweight. By doing regular exercises and yoga for weight loss she could able to get in 30 sizes.

She practiced meditation, jogging in the early morning, yoga for weight loss for one hour, running on the treadmill, swimming, horse riding, different dance steps and other regular yoga for women. Except for yoga and exercises, she had to give up her favorite foods. She stopped eating pizzas, pasta, burgers and other fast foods for weight loss. Her daily food habits are also changed. She only took one glass of milk, two eggs’ white parts, brown bread and rarely juices in the breakfast. In lunch, she takes only dal, roti, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, and salads. Similarly, she had cut down her dinner, by only taking one glass of milk, foods with less oil or sometimes only chocolate shake. She was taking the dinner before two hours going to bed to avoid weight gain.

In one of her interviews, she said that she does not like to go to a gym and she feels boring here. Later she went on leave to lose weight according to the instructions of her mentor Aditya Chopra. She says we must want to be thin, but it is not easy to maintain a thin body with strength. We have to be fit from inside. So she does Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu every day one hour for a stronger, flexible and energetic body. Thus, by rigorous yoga exercises for weight loss and diet, she could have got a toned body and shut up her critics.


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